INFINITE (INternational Future INdustrial Internet TEstbed) is where the innovation opportunities of the Industrial IoT - new technologies, new applications, new products, new services, new processes - will be conceived, designed, built and validated in a real-world environment to establish their commercial value before coming to market.

The Industrial Internet is complex, no one company can do it all alone in the Industrial IoT space. What is needed is a partnership approach that will combine technology with key skills and expertise

INFINITE is a collective and collaborative approach that enables multiple providers of various technology domains such as cloud, wireless, gateways, sensors, mobile to align with providers of specific expertise covering analytics, security, application development and systems integration

INFINITE simplifies complex technologies so that customers can focus on innovation

The real-world environment that INFINITE provides will reflect the actual conditions that will be encountered for Industrial IoT deployments. This will deliver more clarity and insights into the relevant risks and issues that will hinder the development and deployment of Industrial IoT applications